26Aug, 2016

How to retarget your customers with mobile ads

After reaching out to users, some of them are likely to some of them loose interest even within a month. Retargeting involves reaching out to potential consumers who have already shown interest in the brand or have a clue on what your business entails. It is promoting the brand to the people who have already visited your website.

Retargeting can be done either for awareness or conversion. Awareness is done if you want to reconnect with people by giving them information on products and service. The main goal is to create awareness on what you can offer to potential clients. For conversion, the main goal is to get the users to click on the ad and then follow the next step of maybe signing up on your website, downloading a book, completing a survey and trying out a product or service and so much more.

Benefits to small businesses

Brand retention
Retargeting plays a very big role in brand retention. By reintroducing your products, you will be increasing the chances of your brand being picked when one is making a choice. Even if the people you reach out to do not buy the products at the moment, they are likely to do so in the future when they need them.

Boosts Conversion
When you retarget, there is a high possibility that most people will click on the ads and follow on. Though not all clicks translate into sales, some of them are likely to be converted into buyers. You can thus boost your sales by implementing a simple mobile ads retargeting campaign.
You could use retargeting to enlighten consumers more about offers and discounts that you have. People like such incentives and thus giving them such information could easily help them convert to clients.
Another factor that could help in retargeting is informing the consumers of other goods and services that you offer. If a person is aware of just one product, you can inform them on the others through mobile ads. If they are interested, it increases your chances of making more sales.

Retargeting helps you to keep up with the competition
With the rise in competition, it is important to keep your potential clients informed about your products and services. If you don’t retarget, people who once knew about your products will forget about them and move on to become consumers of the competitor brand. Retargeting helps businesses to retain those products.

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