29Aug, 2016

Hyperlocal mobile advertising: How does it work?

Hyperlocal mobile advertising involves the use of the GPS data from smart phones to identify target audiences for mobile ads. Advertising is then done based on consumer’s exact location.

How it works
When one opens some websites or apps, they will be asked for permission to access the location of the phone. If they agree, the information regarding one’s location will be passed on to the ad network. The information becomes an asset for hyperlocal mobile advertising.

The first thing an advertiser needs to do is to identify the geographical locations that they want to target. After that, one has to identify the time of the day and the number of days that they want the advertisements displayed. This will depend on the nature of the products or services that they are offering. You can also choose to display ads during specific weather conditions.

Targeting consumers based on location can be very beneficial to a business if it is done right. Businesses that want to focus on consumers from a specific geographical location can greatly benefit from hyperlocal mobile advertising. If you feel that your business can go to the next level if you concentrated your sales to a certain region, then this is the way to go. However, you have to ensure that the area you are focused on has all favorable factors necessary for the success of your brand.

Benefits to small businesses

Hyperlocal advertising is very effectual in promoting small businesses and even startups. Small businesses can promote growth by focusing on the specific geographical area where they feel that they can get the most traffic. This will be of great help especially if their competitors are big businesses. Instead of focusing on large areas, they can identify specific one and then direct their resources there for maximum returns.

Gives your website more traffic
If you strategize well, you can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your website through hyperlocal mobile advertising. You can do this by making ads that are relevant to the people living in or visiting your target geographical area. With improved traffic, you increase the chances of making more sales and thus grow your business.

Timely offers
Hyperlocal advertising mobile advertising could help consumers get to learn about your offers on time. Since people always carry their phones, it is easy to communicate to them whenever you open up offers. For instant, if you own a restaurant, you can create ads to promote special prices to people visiting the geographical location where you are located.

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