02Sep, 2016

Mobile Ad Targeting: Reach your target audience anywhere and anytime

The ability to optimize advertisements so that they target a specific audience has life very easy for advertisers. Ads can be designed based on the location of the target consumers, time of the year, demographics and consumer behavior and many more others. Targeting ensures that ads are specific, and this helps in achieving advertising goals.

Geographic location
Geographic targeting is applied so as to get to people at a particular location. Specific consumers can be reached based on the city or the country they are in. All you have to do is to do an analysis to identify the areas with high and low conversion rates from your mobile traffic.
After the study, you can focus your resources on areas with high transaction rate so as to maintain your consumers. You can also put more effort so as to improve the areas with low conversion or transaction rates.

Seasonal targeting
You can boost your business by focusing on advertising around a particular time. The main idea behind seasonal targeting is to ensure that advertising is done at a time that it will be applicable based prevailing environmental factors at that time. For example enticing an audience to drink frozen yogurt on a hot day is more appropriate than doing the same during the cold season. The ad will thus be practical in a hot weather and a total waste of resources when done in the cold season.

This involves the analysis and application of the feelings of the consumers. It means taking into account the attitudes, opinions and emotions of the target population regarding information, goods, and services. It goes beyond things such as the number of clicks on the ad or shares on the social media. Rather the focus is shifted to how people responded to the campaign. Emotions tell if the strategies in place are effective, or you need to make improvements.

Demographic and consumer behaviors
Targeting based on consumer behaviors involves understanding the interests, decision-making styles, activities, behavioral motivations or lifestyle practices of the target audience. By recognizing these factors, you will be able to understand where to find your potential consumers.

You can then shift your concentration to consumers who are likely to respond to your ads.
Information on age, income and gender is also very useful in mobile ad targeting. New users will create profiles by filling in such information. The data collected will be valuable in identifying the target audience.

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