05Jan, 2016

Why Your Church Needs A Mobile App

These days, mobile devices are more and more prevalent in our lives. A recent study showed that the average American spends almost three hours on their phone a day! Clearly, the way we interact with people is changing because of the technological revolution. So how does a church fit into the lives of people who are so consumed with their phones? More and more, churches are choosing to use app builders to address this problem. Here are some of the many benefits of developing a mobile app for your church:

Communicate with your congregation

Offering your members a mobile app allows them to communicate directly with you instantly, at any time. Through your mobile app, members will be able to send prayer requests and interact with your social media channels. It also offers members the opportunity to connect together, strengthening the sense of community in your church. Additionally, mobile apps also allow you to serve members who are not in church on Sunday, whether they are sick or on vacation.

Increase fundraising

Through a mobile church app, it is incredibly easy for members to donate to the church. Today, most people do not carry cash, so members often have nothing to put in the collection plate, as much as they would like to give. By giving them access to a simple way to donate, it enables more members to give when they want to, the way they want to.

Develop a web presence

These days, most people look to the Internet for everything from their dentist to the best pizza place in the area. Churches are no different. By developing an app, you increase your online presence, making it easier than ever to reach guests and potential new members.

Verco Apps helps small businesses and organizations to develop apps, and we have helped many churches do just that. When you need a church app builder, trust Verco Apps to develop an app that is affordable, easy to use, and cutting edge.

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