07Oct, 2015

Mobile App Features that Increase Revenue


When it comes time for consumers to browse the internet on their smartphone, they are opting for apps over their mobile browsers. See the trends below, and how mobile apps are growing in popularity with each passing month!


Do you have an app for your small business, and is it optimized for your mobile users? If you are not sure, read on to find out which mobile app features can help you increase revenue.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages sent directly to a customer’s phone which pop up in their notification bar. They are allowed once a customer has downloaded your business’s mobile app and approved to receive them. These push notifications, give you the opportunity to reach your customers more directly and immediately than through emails or ads.

Do customers find push notifications helpful? In fact they do, 52% of customers have been found to enable push messages on their apps, and a study by Localystics found a 54% conversion rate for push notifications which were segmented by user behavior and preferences. Push notifications can be further optimized with the following features.
Geo-targeting is a feature available within apps, which uses the GPS already present in your customer’s smartphones. It allows you to target them based on their geographical location at a specific time. You can then pre-tailor messages that you will send to the target audience in the specified location. This allows you to segment customers and use predictive analysis to send them messages which will likely align with their interests and needs.


Geo-fencing is another GPS-based feature, available through apps, which enables your business to create an invisible “fence” around your location. The geo-fence creates a boundary, and when customers cross into it, a pre-determined message can be sent. As a result, when customers are close by, you can let them know what you are offering today, encourage them to come in, or remind them about a special. This is ideal for businesses in a mall for example. Instant.ly reported that many businesses experienced click-through rates on geo-fencing campaigns, which surpassed standard ads by 70%.


Beaconing is a feature which uses Bluetooth to send messages to customer’s smartphones, through your app, when they are in close proximity. Through beaconing, you can communicate with customers when it matters most, while they are on the business premise. The messages sent out are specific to the time and place of the app user. For example, details of a special could be sent via a message to customers who walk into your store. How convenient!

Creating a mobile app for your business allows you to use these features which give you insights to better understand your customers. Additionally, they offer an opportunity to respond to the data you gather in order to increase engagement. In doing so, you can create an ongoing, connected relationship with customers which will increase your revenue earnings. Contact us today to learn more about mobile apps for your small business.

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