02Mar, 2016

Mobile Marketing and the Benefits to Small Businesses


Marketing has evolved, especially over the past decade, bringing mobile to the fore front. The best techniques from just 10 years ago have been left in the dust by the efficient and effective strategies used now. With mobile marketing, businesses can reach more customers, get higher response rates and all at a more affordable cost. What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is simply marketing on or with a mobile device. Let’s take a closer look at how mobile marketing is benefiting small businesses from text messages, to mobile ads, to social media.

Mobile marketing has the unique benefit of having incredibly low costs for the reach you get. Sending a text message, displaying a mobile banner ad, or sending push notifications can cost as little as just a few cents per advertisement. In addition to a low cost, you also have the flexibility to carefully place advertisements only where they are relevant.

With mobile marketing, you are accessing the intimate daily routine of your customers, allowing for immediate communication. Most people check their phones regularly, as many as several times an hour, thus increasing the likelihood that your customer will view your advert within minutes of receiving it. This fares better than traditional marketing that has a place-and-wait approach without much of a guarantee that your customer has even seen the advertisement.

When using mobile marketing, you can target your specific audience using location-based advertising technology, shopping behavior, gender, and more. You can even reach people around the world easier than ever before. The limits of your business are not bound by location or expensive mediums as they were before.

High Response Rates
Mobile marketing also has shown much higher response rates from customers than traditional methods. For example, direct mail marketing has always been a tricky industry with as little as 2-3% response rates. Mobile ads, however, have an average response rate of about 15%. More engagement means more sales.

Marketing results can be tracked very easily by accessing customer behavior, delivery rates, page visits, and link clicks. Nowadays, analytic tools are available to drill down your mobile marketing to a science. From seeing how many times your ad or message was viewed, to how many people clicked on it, to how many people bought, you can analyze it all and make improvements for future campaigns.

Viral Potential
Lastly, the mobile industry is so pervasive and easy to use that it increases the viral potential of your messages. Customers are twice as likely to share a message or advertisement from their mobile phone than their email or desktop. Imagine a customer who sees a 2 for 1 promotion from you on Facebook, and shares it with their friends. By utilizing mobile marketing you are making it easier for your potential customers to spread your adverts at no cost to you. If you are really lucky, your ad goes viral and reaches millions.
Over five billion people own a cell phone and, more importantly, most are regularly engaged with either messaging, email or social media. Mobile marketing is the place to be in order to meet your potential customers where they are. As a small business owner, this is a must for staying competitive and continuing to grow with the times.

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