18Jun, 2016

Personalize Your Mobile Marketing With Custom Apps To Give Your Customers What They Want

Today an intelligent mobile marketing campaign is becoming more and more necessary for businesses that want to maximize their engagement with their customers. If your business is looking for its next great promotional tool, a savvy mobile marketing campaign that includes custom-built apps is well worth looking into.

Why Your Mobile Marketing Needs To Be Smart

The mobile experience is no longer a sideshow in the online marketing world. More searches are now executed from mobile devices than desktop computers. When you also consider the fact that most users are checking their devices throughout the day, you can see that mobile marketing offers you a tremendously powerful avenue for promoting your business.

Building a mobile-friendly website and then optimizing it for mobile use is great. So is establishing a strong presence on your customers’ preferred social networks. A large chunk of mobile users’ time is spent in social apps. To really forge strong connections with your current customers (and reach out to new ones), you need to take an active role in reaching out to them, though. One of the best ways to do this is to offer them a dedicated app.

Building An App People Will Download

Creating a mobile application that will actually help to boost your sales is easier said than done, though. Most people’s phones are already overburdened with unwanted apps that they never use, and many of the active marketing apps that attempt to reach out to the customer only prove to be irritating.

The key point to remember is to construct your app from the user’s point of view. What services and information can you provide to your customers most efficiently through an application? You need to do more than replicate the functionality users can already find on your website. Think about the unique actions that are most convenient to mobile users. If your business is a restaurant, for instance, the ability to make on-the-fly reservations through your app will be extremely useful for repeat customers.

Don’t worry about the technical challenges of putting your app together. If you don’t have the in-house IT resources to program an application, you can always reach out to professionals who specialize in exactly this sort of service. Concentrate on the factors that only you can decide: What to give users and how to do it.

Understanding your customers is absolutely vital if you’re going to craft an app that they find helpful. Study everything you already know about your customer base, especially any information you have available about their mobile device habits. This will help you zero in on the features and functions that will be most useful to the largest number of users.

Capitalizing On Information Resources

Besides promoting your business and driving sales, a good mobile app can also be a powerful research tool. In fact, you may come to consider the new information your app gathers about your customers to be its most valuable return. To this end, make sure that your application is put together to track and report as much user behavior as possible. Remember never to conceal information-gathering activity from your users, though!

Be prepared to upgrade your app over time. Make use of the data you collect on your users’ behavior to identify parts of the app that could be improved. You should also be using user data to tailor your marketing efforts to each individual user. Push notifications and other communications can be customized to reflect a user’s past activity and deliver information that will be more likely to be useful.

The range of different services you can offer to your customers through a mobile application is practically endless. The secret to setting up an app that becomes a strong marketing asset is to pick the services that your customers will find most useful. Follow up on that effort by narrowing down your range even further to give the individual user exactly what he or she is looking for.

Sparky Parker has over 35 years of related experience in marketing, internet sales and engineering. He owns and operates FrontRangeMarketeer.com, which helps local businesses generate more leads and attract new customers.

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